How to Invest your paycheck while shopping.

A year and a half ago I started working part time in retail.  I enjoyed selling and learning about the product.  I felt very relax and comfortable compared to my previous job, where I was a supervisor and had 26 reps to look after and manage. This job was a piece of cake compared to that one.  The only thing I didn’t like was the pay , but it compensated with a great flexible schedule allowing me to spend more time with my family and my eBay store. Take me to Aglae Fashion Malinche store. 


Five months into the job I notice that I was spending my paychecks in things that didn’t have value and ended up not having anything saved for a rainy day.  I was determined to save some money; so I started placing money in my savings account, but by the end of the month when I was broke I ended up spending it.  I also tried hiding money under my mattress, but I always ended up spending it, telling myself that I worked for it and deserve spending it on my family and I.  Finally, after many trial and errors, I discovered the best way to invest my paycheck or save while still doing something I loved.  Yes, you guessed it, shopping!  I kind of discovered this by accident.  One day on a payday my husband asked me to go with him to the pawn shop.  I don’t even remember what he was looking for But I vividly remember that I started glancing at the gold Jewelry on the display glass.  That day they had a 30% off discount  on all Jewelry.  While looking at the gold jewelry, my eyes immediately were attracted and locked on a beautiful vintage cocktail ring with a big giant smokey topaz rock.  I was so in love with it that I asked one of the sales ladies if I could try it on.  It fit perfectly; I quickly checked the prices and after the discount it came out to $200.  I had my paycheck money; I didn’t think twice and placed the ring on layaway.  They gave me three months to pay for it, but by the next paycheck, I had already payed for it and had it on my finger.  I figured, if I was going to spend the money on eating out or other non-valuable items, then I might as well  buy jewelry and treat myself.  That way in a rainy day, I could always pawn it or sell it.  So, that’s what I did every paycheck. I would go to various pawn shops and placed jewelry on layaway.  That way I was saving and shopping at the same time.  It even motivated me to get up and work because I knew that when I got paid I was going to treat myself with beautiful jewelry. 


A year past and I became very ill; at the same time I’d just found out that I was two months pregnant.  For health reasons and for the well being of my baby I decided to resign my job.  Not a lot of time passed by when we started realizing how vital that missing income was.  With the new pregnancy, I had many medical bills and expenses.  At that point with all those medical bills pilling up, there was no other way but too – yes you guessed it, use the emergency jewelry to get ourselves out of the dark waters.  So, we started selling and pawning some of the jewelry and that’s how we were able to appease our economical situation.  Pawning the jewelry was easy and I didn’t develop an emotional attachment to them, because from the beginning I knew that it was an investment.  I’m now almost 6 months pregnant and everything is looking great with my baby and our economical situation.  We continue using this method because it really works! Here are some of my favorite Jewelry items:


DSC_0285 (2)

Vintage Smokey Cocktail Topaz Ring.

DSC_0352 (2)

Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring

DSC_0351 (2)

Sterling Silver Mexican Bracelet